Catching Up

A busy life, outdated website software, and getting hacked are all major contrubuting factors to my lack of updates. We’ll just leave it at that. Thanks to one of my besties, Ben Daron, my site is back up and running. I hope to continue getting it up-to-date, but you know me (or maybe you don’t), no promises! 😉


I can’t go through 2 years in detail but I can give you some major highlights. Since last posting I have (in no particular order):


Well that list was significantly longer than I had intended it to be! Life just keeps on rolling. It would be a grand idea for me to stop more often to marvel at the life I have and the adventures I have been on. I am blessed everyday and everyday there are more miracles around me. We had a speaker in chapel this week that reminded us about being grateful for the things in our life and showing our gratitude. He explained it like this: “The next time you’re tempted to complain about the airport, waiting, airplane food, etc think about the fact that you are sitting in a chair, in the sky, surrounded by a steel enclousre, going HUNDREDS of miles an hour. Think about! Is that NOT a miracle? You’ve got a cut on your finger. The skin and nerves and muscles WEAVE THEMSELVES BACK TOGETHER. What is NOT miraclous about that? OHHH man, you’ve got to wait 10 minutes for your email to load to send a message that will arrive instantly THOUSANDS of miles away. Would you rather send a carrier pigeon?” He definitely gave the kids (and the adults alike) a refeshing reminder that it’s easy to forget just how blessed we are. The last two years have FLOWN by and provided me with incredible opportunities. This school year is still new and I can’t wait to see what adventures await!

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