Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hello from the other side of the rainbow! I realize this “third quarter” vlog is coming at you about halfway through school’s fourth quarter, but it’s still within the first quarter of the year! #winning  And we only just wrapped the Wizard of Oz  this weekend, so I’m doing pretty good on this timing thing. 😉

In just five days, volume 54 of the Faith Academy Tiwalan yearbook is due at the printer. The fact that it’s in a good enough place that I’ve been able to pause work on it long enough to bring you this vlog is quite a miracle. During the middle of second quarter, our school server crashed and we ended up losing 50 pages of the yearbook. It was crazy at first but ended up being a blessing in disguise! Along with the students working hard, the Lord graciously provided my friend Tiffany to help recover the work. She helped me do some extra things that kept everything from piling up at March break. I was able to relax on March break and even take an overnight with my FA employee friends to Corregidor (which should definitely get a vlog at some point in the near future! XD ). Did I mention she never stopped helping?! This weekend we’ll do the proofreading and indexing of the final 24 pages and then it’s off to see the Printer!  (The Wizard of Oz is not quite out of any of our heads yet.)

Don’t forget to drop me a note if there’s something specific you’d like to see a vlog about!

(The video will open in a new window.)

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