CrysMiss time is here… happiness and cheer!

If you think about my name, Crystal Missler, it’s really not so complicated. But the story goes like this… Just after college I moved to the Philippines and began serving at Faith Academy. I taught 25ish middle schoolers in a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants drama class. Upon introducing myself to them they immediately asked if they could just call me Miss Miss instead of Miss Missler. Well, I thought that was a lovely plan since being called Miss Missler felt so… old. 🙂 Everyone called me MissMiss, students, staff, secretaries, parents… apparently it’s really fun to say. Fast forward 7 years and a new crop of seniors (you know the kind, the ones that start to decide to see if they can call you by your first name and get away with it) had a dawning realization that was even more fantastical. And suddenly, one day at approximately 10:30am CrysMiss time began.

Every day is CrysMiss Day

It’s true, right? Well, for me anyway. And if it’s CrysMiss all the time how could it not be fun? If you think about the actual Christmas you’ll find these 2 things. #1 It’s a crazy complicated time full of friends, family, food, fun, surprise, joy, etcetc. Pretty much the greatest time ever. And #2 Stripped down it’s simply about love. The love of parents for their child. The love of a Father giving of his only son. The love of a Savior born to give his life for mine. And well, goodness me, that’s pretty much sums up my life and what I’m about. I’m a little bit of an adventure junkie, I treasure my peeps (see: flat world), I’m pretty much always having the greatest time ever OR you could say hanging out with me is pretty much the greatest time ever. Uh huh uh huh uh huh. #kiddingbutnotreally But when you get down to it, I may have an extraordinary life but it’s only because I am extraordinarily loved.

Faith Academy is an International Christian school, offering K-12 education for missionary, national, and international students. Faith utilizes a globally-recognized curriculum, and provides a progressive, well-rounded education. Faith Academy teachers and students represent more than 20 nationalities. The great majority of Faith staff are missionaries who have a love for students and a strong desire to serve the Lord through education. The majority of Faith’s graduates go on to higher education at colleges and universities around the globe. Faith is located approximately 14 miles (22 km) from downtown Manila, in the Antipolo/Cainta area.

Faith Academy

By now you've probably already figured out that I enjoy my life in the Philippines but probably have no idea what I do. Well, that's because I have no idea what I do. Ok, that's not entirely true, I do sometimes know what I'm doing. I am currently serving as Cadd Fine Arts Center Manager. Cadd houses a full 907 seat theater and several smaller meeting spaces that are used for a variety of school events from concerts and plays, to weekly chapels and staff meetings. I am the calendar ninja, making sure that all campus events play nice together nicely. I also direct plays, dabble in graphic design, co-advise the student executive council aka ExCo and teach HS theater classes. I've also been known to bring a mac back to life a time or two as an apple support technician.
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In the Philippines, children in poverty are sometimes forced into desperate situations to help provide basic needs for their families. Poverty and lack of education can make prostitution appear to be their only option left. Parents are forced to travel long distances to find work, which leaves kids alone and especially vulnerable to exploitation, continuing the cycle of poverty.

Threads of hope

Your purchase through Threads of Hope helps end that cycle. You provide dignified work for families so they can stick together, avoid exploitation, and pursue education to set a new trajectory for their lives. Your purchase supports over 200 families directly, while providing them with a thriving community through our projects in education, public health, community development, and spiritual growth. Every product you purchase is handmade by someone whose life you’re helping to change. There is more great work to be done, and your purchase will help make it happen.
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At First Love we seek to “flesh out” the passion of christ before a lost and dying world. In our ministries we have deliberately chosen to major on those whom the world might consider to be the minors. And in that regard...our priority is to invest our greatest resources and energies on the least, because we recognize that whenever we reach out to the least of these, we do it for Jesus. "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did for me...Jesus." (Matthew 25:40)

First Love International Ministries

First Love is my sending agency and is not only focusing on the Philippines but also ministries in the countries of: Kenya, Nepal, The Czech Republic, Korea, Indonesia, India, Peru, and the USA.
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