Our Days are Tied to Curtains

“Ugh, I wish they’d just cancel school tomorrow.”

“I know me too. It seems so pointless!”

Thursday, March 12, we had just finished rehearsal for our upcoming production of Curtains… A student and I lamented how with only grade 9-11 in session (ESD & MSD having PT Conferences and Seniors gone on their trip) we wished they’d just cancel school for tomorrow.

School was indeed cancelled tomorrow. And in less than 24 hours so was the production we had just spend the last 3 months working on and our new class student led production that was about to begin.

Be careful what you wish for…

It wasn’t like we didn’t know it was possible. SO MANY THINGS were already being disrupted, postponed or changed, but still life charged on. Faith isn’t exactly known for cancelling school without a fight. So, it’s not like we actually expected it. Then again, it’s safe to say that none of us expected THIS… actual reality we’re living in.

In a profession like the arts, we are almost always after the end goal, the final performance. You are rehearsing, building costumes, painstakingly painting that wallpaper on the set, memorizing, hunting for the perfect prop, choreographing, and rehearsing some more. Nothing is anything until the lights go down, the hush comes over the audience, and the curtain opens.

Right now, we should be walking around campus, our show t-shirts promoting opening night, our lives brimming with the adrenaline of what everyone will think of our hard work. But we’re not. Because our Curtains closed before ever opening.

With no final product to hold up, it would be easy and probably justified to feel that the hundreds of hours (and dollars) we’ve put into the process have just completely gone to waste. But instead it’s reinforced the incredible value of the process and the importance of not wasting our time.

Even though it’s something I strive for in my own life, I often need to remind myself that even when I just don’t feel like it can possibly matter whether I do something of seemingly little importance well, it really does. We are reminded again and again in Ecclesiastes, Colossians, Corinthians, to function with excellence. As I hang on to that when I’m tempted to stop caring, I’ve learned to remind my students that it matters when our day to day efforts slip or our priorities shift. Whether it’s in rehearsal, class, sports, or another area of life, God should be glorified in our efforts in the process, not just the final production.

We didn’t know our Curtains would close on us, but that didn’t stop us from growing as actors, dancers, and musicians. It didn’t stop students from singing and dancing in ways they never thought they ever could or would, or developing skills which will translate to future opportunities. It offered us hours of sweat, paint, laughter, and conversation, forging friendships that are far more valuable than any opening night.

It is ironic that our show, which is quite literally about a show that fights to go on at any cost, cannot go on. However, there is solace in knowing this is the reality all over the world. Whether or not we get to use any of our work on a future production, I am proud of the efforts of the entire cast, orchestra, and crew. It was shaping up to be a great production.

To my seniors who’ve been with me since middle school: While it doesn’t completely make up for the disappointment of what we are missing out on, I am exceedingly grateful that the moments which wound up being our last were in and of themselves perfectly wonderful endings because you continued to strive for excellence this year, not only during Curtains but also The Diary of Anne Frank. The Lord has shown himself in crazy unprecedented ways this year, which I pray you never forget. I am so proud of your work and your growth and who you are as people. <3

Wednesday, March 11, the final moments together. We didn’t know this would be the first and last rehearsal on stage or we might have at least turned on some more lights…

(if the video looks cut off on your device, rotate your phone 😉

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  1. Thanks for this. Praying that the broken hearts will be mended by the Lord and turned into something even more beautiful! Love you!

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