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It has been a crazy school year so far and suddenly we are less than 2 weeks from the end of third quarter. In some ways, I feel like I need to hire a personal assistant that could follow me around with a camera and a note pad to keep track of all that goes on in life so that I could be better at updating you but that’s a little outside of my budget, haha. This year I am no longer working on the yearbook but I am equally (if not more) busy as I ever have been at Faith Academy. It is a little sad that there will be officially no yearbook but the students I have had in yearbook understand that the change in job for me was a step that provided the experiences for them as opposed to just documenting them and they are okay with that.

I am still co-advising the high school student executive council which carries most of the high school social events but I also moved back across campus to be the Cadd Theater Manager so I see to all the events that happen in our theater and three function rooms. I also make reservations for all spaces across campus and first semester I was co-teaching/directing HS advanced drama class which put on “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Minus the school, weekly chapels, meetings, etc part here’s a brief rundown of what my year has looked like so far:

First Quarter – High School Retreat, Spirit Week, 3 music concerts, a prayer vigil
Second QuarterAladdin Jr., All My Sons, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, ExCo Gala party, 2 banquets, 3 music concerts, Elementary Christmas Program
Third Quarter – Talent Night, Spiritual Enrichment Week, Outdoor Ed, ExCo Banquet, 3 music concerts
Upcoming Fourth Quarter – nExCo elections, The Music Man, appreciation day, 2 banquets, 2 music concerts, graduation…

It’s not an official vlog but have a peek at our Outdoor Education experience!

(video will open in a new window)

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