Your sanity ran into a problem…

…and needs to restart.

It’s January 31 and you know what that means! Yep, another blog post! Oh, you were going to say my birthday? Oh, yes, that too. ^^

So January has been relatively uneventful. Well, except the part where my brand new (school owned thankfully) fancy computer began blue screening and restarting itselft every 10 minutes. I mean, let’s be honest, those blue screens have gotten a lot more attracive. Yes, Windows, a sad face indeed, although you really should make one that looks a little more angry because it’s really more irritating than sad.

I had my reservations about getting a Dell but I gave it a shot. (Just so you know, next day shipping means next day after it leaves the warehouse not ACTUALLY next day shipping. Not cool, Dell.) Six months to the day this fun began and it is unclear when the problem will be resolved. There seems to be a motherboard hardware failure that is affecting the network adapter and the ram. Yippee!

Not that HP before you didn’t have his share of issues. See: having to use the warranty (and extend said warranty) multiple times. They didn’t make it easy to get fixed in the Philippines either despite being a “worldwide” warranty. But I digress…

With HP on it’s last legs I am thankful that the school was willing to buy the type of machine that the graphics oriented part of my job requires. But we are now in the home stretch stress of yearbook with less than 2 months left to complete the 240 page book. AND, next week is our annual week long camp for middle school known as Outdoor Ed where my responsibility for going (and missing a week of yearbook and photo class) is to make a video.

If you just went, “uh oh, this isn’t sounding good” you’d be right. There aren’t exactly computers floating around campus that can handle graphics and video editing much less a laptop version. This really couldn’t be worse possible timing. Knowing how these things go, I would not be surprised if the computer isn’t seen again until after the video is made and book goes to print. To say it’s been frustrating would be an understatement.

It might seem like a #firstworldproblem to bemoan going from an i7, SSD+1tb drive, 16gb ram plus 4gb dedicated video ram windows 10 machine to a … not that with 4gb of ram and windows 7 and you’d be right. It’s just that the job that is the yearbook has worn me down and this was the year it was not supposed to not take such a toll on me. I’ve given up quite a few things I really enjoy doing to try to make this year less stressful and this does not help (or make it feel worth it). 🙁

In other news, this week is Spiritual Emphasis Week and so we have chapel every day and on Friday all the high school will go out on ministry excursions. There are something like 12 different sites. I’ve actually never been out so it will be great to see the students in action. Then, bright and early Saturday morning we load up to head south to Taal to get set up for outdoor ed. I hope for it to be a fun filled and somehow refreshing time away (although likely exhausting too). If you didn’t know Taal is a volcano that is known for having an island on a lake on an island on a lake on an island in the ocean. Yes, you read that right. Fun times!

If you’d like to pray please pray for safety of the students and staff involved in both ministry day and outdoor ed. Also, that the computer issues would be resolved quicker than I anticipate. And for the many decisions that are being made already for next school year, staffing needs, housing changes, etc.

The students attempt to put me in a sugar coma was successful. I was showered all day with birthday wishes and special treats. It was a lovely day. And it wouldn’t be a birthday without blowing out my carrot cake candles…

Stay tuned for an OE report and (hopefully) video! <3

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