other than the weather, this is my favorite time of year. there is never a dull moment spending time with the missler family! like many people we have a few traditions. some last a few years and turn into new ones and others stand the test of time. you know, like eating turkey (although i could do that other times of the year too if you pushed me)! our thanksgiving, however, is less about the turkey and more about the gingerbread house (or church or city building 😉

we stuff ourselves, play a round or two of a game (currently Left, Center, Right– most fun when you win the pot of money), and then the construction begins! sometimes a relic table cloth gets melted (then mended) while melting jolly ranchers, sometimes a bird poops on the roof while my mother isn’t looking, sometimes an icecream cone christmas tree goes awry and gets exiled to the mantle, other times we do things just to make my auntie scowl (like make a dumpster outside an otherwise “pristine” nyc city building). no matter what we’re sure to laugh.

and so, without further ado, i give to you Gondafeller Center (complete with Fort Wayne city dumpster)!

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