The road so far…

It’s been so long that I nearly forgot how to post a blog. Oopsie.

Rather than go on about the craziness that has ensued since October of 2014 and why I’ve been so absent, I’m just going to start here:

Of course, there’s much more than these things but if you look at either of the Tiwalan links you’ll understand where I fell down the rabbit hole.

So far this school year I have moved classrooms…

Been on High School Retreat with these crazy Freshmen (aka the classofZoZo as I like to call them)… 

…and currently finishing up Spirit Week. Faith Academy decided that with the new school year would also come a major change to the High School life by way of changing from the class system with a Student Council to the House system. Yes, think Harry Potter. It has been a challenging transition for students and staff. As you can imagine, a major change to the system which not everyone was in favor of takes time to navigate and often means choosing to find the positive and choosing to get on board whether you’re 100% happy about it or not. With my students it’s come in the form of discussions about choosing to respect the decisions of those in leadership over you and not undermine their authority by bad mouthing things when you don’t like a decision. They are generally doing well with it and it’s fun to see friendly rivalry between houses sparking up from time to time.

The student body chose Greek terms with a Biblical implication as house names:

Tharseo – courageous (in the Lord)
Machaira – sword (of the spirit)
Anastasis – resurrection
Kaio – fire (be a light)

I got a fine house. Tharseo is a great group of students and staff.

Our spirit week has always included Hall Decoration competitions. The class of 2016 graduated with 1 second and 3 first place wins. It was kind of our thing. #classofswag Since we are using the House system now defining which hall belongs to which house would have been difficult and the powers that be decided to do House performances in front of the HS instead. We were given a few planning times and a 30 minute slot to practice in the space. Our practice was rough at best and then we completely changed how we’d performance AFTER practicing. I confess, many of us were just hoping for the best, maybe we’d get second? I assured a couple of people “don’t worry, these things have a way of working themselves out” but I wasn’t sure I actually believed myself.

Of course, 20 minutes before we were meant to begin (and we were first up) it began pouring rain. After a quick shuffle to the MS covered court and never actually practicing it the way were about to perform, the show went on. The chatter in class the next hour consisted of how much better all of the performances were than anyone expected them to be and the favorite parts. There was dancing, fire twirlers, goofy acting and generally people doing all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally see them do (which is always amusing in and of itself). It was anyone’s guess in what order they were going to be ranked so when one of my students began reading the places out loud, I thought certainly he was lying. I hustled over to read it from his screen myself and sure enough, right there on top: Tharseo.

The 2020 Cainta Olympics

The Cainta Olympics featured camera men, German, Korean and Chinese translators, an opening ceremony, boxing, track, speed walking, hamburger eating sponsored by McDO, somewhat synchronized directionally challenged swimmers who ended up spelling OESARHT, gymnastics complete with injury aided by Mr. Keating, and an award ceremony all commentated with commercials by the hilarious HwanKyu.

I didn’t get to watch the performance from the audience because I was running the music from behind the performers. Running a round, setting up, it felt like a chaotic blur. Overall it went WAY better than we could have expected. The word from one judge was that it was “super creative and hilarious.” YAY. Whew it’s over but YAY. #OESARHT

One more day of costume craziness tomorrow then we’re back to regularly scheduled life. 🙂

Toodleoo from HaKyoung and me (she’s in Kaio – duh.)

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