The Merry Month of May

Howdy ya’ll, it’s the end of May! In 2 days school will be out for the summer. That is really hard to believe. Faith Academy will have completed it’s 60th year! #60yearsFAstrong #wearegonnaneedanewhashtag

May is a hard month because the goodbyes begin. We recognize the staff leaving on furlough and for good fairly early on in the month and then it just goes on from there with moving up ceremonies, senior recognitions, commencment, and despedidas (individual farewell parties for people who will leave for good). Ask any missionary and they will tell you the transitions never get any easier even if you do get accustomed to it. Although I will be saying goodbye to a few less people this year, I will still experience a seismic shift in my regular life routine as my both sets of my Philippine “parents” will be going. Boo.

BUT May also contains my absolute favorite part of the yearbook process: the delivery! (although being finished with the layout and design is a VERY close second 🙂

My staff and I worked really hard to make a book that reflected the best of a tumultous year (particularly in high school). From what I’m hearing around, it seems that we succeeded. I am really proud of their work. It’s impossible to share a hard copy with all of you, although I’ll be happy to show it off the next time I’m in the US, feel free to take a peek at this year’s pages.

As you already know (or maybe you don’t) I’ve had some level of involvement with Threads of Hope since I met Alex back in 2007. I’m going to spend a good chunk of my summer down in Aninuan on the island of Mindoro where the bracelet ministry operates, hanging out and helping where I can with Threads and the new school.

On Monday the 2017-18 school year starts for the Aninuan Christian Training School. Philippine schools take April and May off as summer (they are the hottest months which makes sense as summer school in 100+ weather without AC would be horrid) and as the rains begin to cool things down school starts up again. This will be ACTS second year as a school! A couple of weeks ago I was dispatched to help the school obtain their domain name and get started setting up a Google suite for them. So, I’ll be continuing in that process and doing whatever else I can while relaxing a bit on the break. I’m sure I’ll have more to share about that in future posts. I’m really looking forward to doing a different type of ministry for a little while!

Speaking of rain, please keep the Philippines in prayer as the rainy season has begun several weeks early. Judging from how much rain we are already getting the potential for flooding will be severe this season. This school year we did not have any rain days (similar to snow days but for rain) as last rainy season was very mild. If the rain works anything like the snow can in Ohio, we’re in for a blizzard! As much as I do love rain days it generally means there are people losing their homes and livelihoods to flooding and that makes them a bit more sobering.

I think that as I have continued to write these posts, I have found it increasingly difficult to decide what I should share. On one hand everyone knows what it’s like to go to school, how schools work, and what daily school grind feels like. On the other hand, Faith Academy is unique as an international school in a foreign country. But it’s still very much what you’d expect of school. The things that make it unique for me lie in the relationships with the people and I find it hard to communicate exactly what that looks like or what to tell you that you wouldn’t already know. I also get swallowed up in my own perspective and I forget what I have [attempted to] shared or haven’t thought of sharing. If there is anything you would like to know about Faith Academy, life in the Philippines, Threads of Hope, my ministry, anything really… I would love to answer those questions! Leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll do a post all about it!

Over the last couple of months I have a had a drop in regular support. If you would prayerfully consider financially supporting my ministry, a regular monthly donation would be very encouraging. One time gifts are also very much appreciated. Whether or not you are able to give I hope you’ll continue to pray for my ministry. 🙂 Thank you for partnering with me!

Until next time, Happy Summer!

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