the AMAZING mr. & mrs. benjamin derkin

there aren’t many people that i adore more than benjamin and jennifer derkin. AH! DERKIN! they are married! wow. as i was saying… benjamin and jennifer are 2 of the most loving, talented, wonderful people i know and i had the pleasure of running the photobooth at their reception just last weekend with our friend Ross. i count it among the highest of priviledges and honors that ever were to be able to share some of their night with you…

oh, there’s ross! (left)
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so i hear that all derkins are funny people… seems true!

mom & dad derkin:




mom & dad meyer:

where there’s benjamin there’s cameras. a lot of cameras.  sorry boys, she’s taken!

congratulations guys!

benjamin will be posting these and plenty more at when he and jennifer return from Ireland so be sure to check back!

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