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prayercardDear friends,
In case you haven’t heard I am planning to return to the Philippines at the end of September. I will be teaching middle school drama, helping with productions, and also being a part of team that does design work for Faith Academy (publications, promotions, etc). I will also be exploring new ways to be a part of the Threads of Hope ministry. Last but definitely not least I will continue to serve Beulah Beach with things like publications and website remotely. Busy? Yes. Aweomse? Completely!

It was in April of this year while I was visiting the Philippines with my mom that I really felt God calling me to take this step. I spent a lot of the summer praying about it because due to a busy summer here at Beulah it really seemed impossible to be able to leave this soon. By the end of the summer I knew for sure it was suppose to do and I began putting the word out, sending letters, and making steps to raise support and prepare to go. Unfortunately, because of the timing, I am in need of immediate action when it comes to support. If you have been planning to have been considering what you can do to support me financially, I kindly ask that you do so as soon as possible. I am unable to purchase a plane ticket, though all other preparations are in place, until I have have approximately $1800 pledged as monthly support.

There are several ways you can do this.

You can donate online via the First Love International site. Please put my name in the “other ministry” slot and indicate in the “special instructions” if your gift will be monthly. Righ now there is not a way to do an automatic pay through credit card unless your credit card company offers an automatic bill pay through their website.

You can mail a check directly to First Love. You can do a monthly withdrawl from your financial institution if you send a voided check and indicate when/amount to be withdrawn. 

Crystal Missler
C/O First Love International Ministries
PO Box 15836
Loves Park, IL 61132

Auto Bill Pay
Most banks do an automatic free bill pay system where they will mail a check and amount to the address you specify.

Thank you so much for your kind support, encouragement, and prayers.



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