more soup for you

so its been a busy busy time since my return from the capital city but i have some more lovin here for you…

1. one night the brother and i wandered around the monuments. the day was GORGEOUS then coming up off the metro of course it was pouring rain. but we did it anyway. i was so wet but they were just so pretty. this first set of images was taken with Dory because Chester doesn’t like the rain. Dory on the other hand, she just keeps swimming! I’m so funny. She did pretty good for a p&s with no flash! 2. Once we got to abe chester came out to play for a few. the top image is one of my favorites. i’m not a fan of noise but i’m doing my best to embrace it. i used a modified version of Benjamin’s colour shift lightroom preset to edit. since the fastest lens i had was my kit lens and i did not have a tripod i’m not too disappointed by Chester’s results. 3. after the rain came the best day of sunshine and wicked awesome clouds. oh yes.

1.  2. 3.

stay tuned for some more DC fun at the arboretum!

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