March Out

March was here and now it’s gone but it left hot season behind, blech.

Besides spending a lot of time on the yearbook (which I’d show you but then I’d have to kill you) there were a few random surprises.

I was sitting in a staff meeting when my phone began ringing. Sandy wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner on a yacht. Yes, duh. Who wouldn’t? I ran quick to my room, changed, and shoved into an “18 passenger” van with 17 other people. Normal people would say it was for 15 passengers but this is the Philippines. 🙂

When you’re white in this country it is very often assumed that you’re rich. To be fair, because of the extreme poverty it is often true. But for a few hours we were like excited little kids passing through the yacht club and onto a boat fancier than most of our houses.

Turns out it was a surprise birthday party for the mother of a few of our elementary students. Although I don’t know them well it was fun getting to know her and some others better. Sipping peach tea and eating fancy treats, we cruised into the evening enjoying the last vestiges of cool season. We joked about skipping school the next day as the evening came to an end all too soon.

Although Faith has a primary emphasis in providing an education for the children of missionaries we invest in the students regardless of their background. It is also a unique privilege to be able to be a part of building into the lives of business children whose families have influence in the Philippines and who will themeselves be influential in the years to come.

During March break I was FINALLY able to go spend some time in Puerto Galera. I hadn’t been there in 3 years because of busy breaks with the yearbook and other conflicts. So much has changed! (I failed at taking photos). It was a much needed break. My lovely friend Jojo let me stay with her and we explored the idea of a longer visit this summer. We shall see what happens!

Jo and Steph also surprised me this week and we had a lovely Korean lunch at GaMiJung together.  I love MulNaeMyung (cold noodles). I get it pretty much every time unless it’s “out of stock ma’am.” #nomnomnom

April holds the school musical, Easter Break (which may or may not have a trip to Corregidor), the Asian Christian Schools Conference girls varsity soccer tournament on campus, Talent Night (which happens on April 29 and still has to go in the yearbook), getting our proof and the completion of the last 26 pages of the yearbook by May 1. I’m going to ahead and guess that my April post will happen on May 1… if I can force myself to stare at a computer for any longer after meeting the yearbook deadline.

So I guess I should have titled this post March & April OUT. #bringit

If you’d like to pray for my ministry requests include completion of the yearbook without causing my death, my future plans at Faith, and an increase in financial support. I am looking at $2500 which would help cover language classes and a personal computer which I currently don’t have.

YAY! I will be able to stay in my house next year as two other single teachers will move in with me! YAY! My visa was renewed for another 2 years. YAY! It took 4 hours but I got my driver’s license renewed.

Faith Academy is also in a bit of a staffing crisis with more than 40 positions unfilled for the 2017-18 school year. If you or someone you know would like to find out more about teaching at Faith please let me know and I will put you in touch with the right people. 🙂

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