Kids Prayer Retreat

Every summer kids come to Beulah to have crazy fun times, learn about Jesus and soak up the sun. Every fall/spring kids come to pray. Pray for their world, other children, their families… everything. It’s truly unbelievable to see how my friends Katie and Irma help kids understand how to pray and how to hear Jesus speaking to them. 

After days of rain once again it was a beautiful weekend for a retreat!

Read MoreThe kids learned about street children, children of war, hungry children, and the underground church.

It’s truly incredible to see children pray. It’s always a reminder what it means to have child-like faith and just how powerful that is!

…and of course, we know how to have fun!


I love beulah sunsets. I used to think they went away as it got cold. As it turns out they are just harder to find.

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