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This is a blog about February. February consists of 2 things:

#1 – Outdoor Education
In case you’ve missed it over the last 7 years, OE is that week each year where the middle school ventures off into the wild blue yonder. Since MS consists of three years there is a three year rotation Subic (Jungle Survival), Corregidor Island (WW2 History) and

I head out with the advanced crew on Saturday morning to set up base camp. The MS students bags go with us but they don’t arrive until Monday afternoon. On Monday a few of us meet up with the buses at a stop where the OE fun begins. For this OE the Monday activity is a photo scavenger hunt in historical Taal town. The students have to do a variety of things like sing happy birthday to stranger, pose with meat and make a pyramid. Our group all shot turned out pretty fantastic too. The first night also includes “squad intros” (it’s more like an hour of dancing to screaming ^^ ) where each group gets a chance to “introduce” themselves and many opt to add to chaos but chucking candy at the end. I inevitably get knocked in the head a time or two, this year was no exception. We all have a love/hate relationship with squad intros. Like a camp video, it helps make sure all students get a moment in the video.

Each OE also has a three site rotation within it. Unlike all the other adults, my job is unique in that I don’t stay with one group or at one site. I rotate backwards so that I spend one day with each of the three travelling squads. There is a base camp, a beach camp, and the title site.

  • At base camp the kids learn to cook a meal (including killing the chicken) and do a ministry outing.
  • The beach site (this year at a reef) usually includes snorkeling and games but Taal has the opportunity to discover scuba and revel in the marine life. They don’t have to kill the squid but they do have to cut it open. I just realized there’s a lot of nasty guts about this OE.
  • The third site always has a hike. This year I did not actually hike the volcano but I had a lovely assistant senior that did. She did a fantastic job and I was able to spend the day editing which made it possible to get the video made before we even got back to campus on Friday. This is a huge help to me so that I am able to not miss additional time editing when we get back but can do all the work while I’m already missing school.

On Monday and at all the sites there is also a chapel service and squad devotion. While there is certainly much to learn in the outdoor classroom it’s also a significant time where they students grow spiritually. There is a LOT of work that goes into planning an OE for 120+ people (THINK of the FOOD alone). Many staff members miss a week of work, need subs, and then need to catch up after. The nights away are not always what you would call a quality night’s sleep. It is often hot (this one was thankfully quite mild) and it’s always always always dirty. (Anytime 10+ people share one bathroom for a week. Ew.) It’s crazy and it’s exhausting, but when you see the evaluations after all is said and done and one of the first reads “I came to Jesus that day” those things are but minor irritants. My role is but to capture those memories but all things work together in the end. Bye #Taal2017! Bring on #Subic2018!

#2 – Yearbook progress.
The rest of the month has just been full steam ahead on the yearbook. The next time you see me I may be significantly more ragged.

OH, and if you insta you should totally follow @faithacademymanila because I get busy as a contributor and I fail to post to my own insta account but that’s okay because it’s a pretty cool window into life at Faith.

We also have some pretty significant staffing needs for next year so if you want to be a teacher at Faith you should totally do it. I could maybe answer some questions but I know all the right people so, ask away!


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