April Showers

That title has nothing to do with this post. Other than the fact that it IS April and it HAS been raining a lot despite the fact that it’s hot season NOT rainy season. Weather is weird everywhere, ya’ll, not just in Ohio. Oh, and sorry this post is ugly. It hasn’t been the most personal pictureque month. 🙂 All the events listed in my last post have come and gone and I’m STILL ALIVE!

Tomorrow I will put the finishing touches on the yearbook. I’m really proud of the kids and all the work they put into the book this year. The school year has been rough in some ways, having it’s ups and downs and we did our best to justly represent the year in our short 240 page book. How do you really shove everything into such a small space? How do you make sure everything is represented well and everyone feels cared for? It’s a unique place to be knowing that you’re responsible for a tangible piece of evidence, a piece of the history of a year in the life of a school and some 700 lives.

There is still a month left of school but our unique situation doesn’t allow for the month of May to be covered. With the amount of transition and international scatter of graduates a fall delivery is not possible. We do leave them some blank spaces and a pocket in the back so that they can store some of the memories we are unable to get in. So now we wait, we pre-sell as many as we can and we get ready for the last part. Delivery!

In a few weeks our book will come from the printer and that’s probably my favorite part. I have immensely enjoyed my students. I love seeing the kids excitement and the pride on their faces when they’ve accomplished something they set out to do and it winds up surprising them. They wind up surprising themselves. 

If you’ve been praying for my year in general I thank you for that. I am grateful and relieved to be at the end of the yearbook. I feel that prayers were answered and I praise the Lord for the help I’ve had in a couple of the grads from the class of 2016. I mentioned that there were a few volunteering at Faith a few posts ago but two of them especially over the last quarter of school have been so much help. Sam, who had yearook with me for the last 2 years, came in December and just left a couple of weeks ago. He cared for a lot of details and basically was half secretary half minion. Ashley, who has been here all year and generally helps with biology and strings, has helped proof reading, paperworking, calculating, indexing, being a gem in general. 🙂 Keeping up with the details can be a lot of lonely extra hours when I can’t get through everything during the school day and they really made it so that it was rare for me to have to do that. Their help was unexpected and invaluable and I can’t thank them enough for the time they’ve given.

So now what? I’m still not entirely sure what’s in store for next year. At this point I am planning to continue with photo classes and partner with my friend Etta in advising student counil. It is not my 100% desire to continue with the yearbook as the only teacher but whichever way it ends up going I will do my best to expect the Lord to provide what I need as he so graciously did this year (despite what may appear as no help on the horizon). It is also my hope to have at least a little more to do with drama than I was able to this year. But we’ll see what happens.

Here’s a photo from celebrating my friend Lori’s 25th year at Faith Academy. 25 years is a long time! I can’t even picture next week let alone making it all the way to 2034! ::shudder:: I do hope they’ve invented teleportation by then. XD


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