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So, I realize I did not post in July. Blame my body! I arrived on a Friday back in Manila from my summer in Aninuan just 2 days before our required All Staff Retreat for Faith only to wake up Saturday morning full on head-colding. This meant going to ASR on Monday sick, trying to sleep off the sick the day we got back and going to our Student Excecutive counsel retreat on Friday-Sun still not at 100%. With only Monday & Tuesday to prep my classes/room, you can imagine my scramble to be ready for school on Wednesday. It’s moved from crazy days into crazy weeks and the crazy is still not over. But, I did managed to wiggle in a little something extra for my August post.

Being that it’s September 1, the #bermonths have arrived and it’s officially CHRISTMAS time in the PHILIPPINES (no, I’m not kidding. Someone was singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” two days ago and I shouted, “NO, 2 MORE DAYS!! 2 MORE DAAAAYYYS!”) here is an early Christmas CrysMiss present! Teehee.

CrysMiss Vlog

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