Last night the administration held a “You survived 30 days!” dinner for new staff. I’m not new but surviving 30 days still seems like an accomplishment on various levels. I seem to be constantly up to things I’ve never had to do before, things I’ve never dealt with, things in need of change. I keep forging ahead one day at a time but now and again I have to remind myself to take a moment to stop and breathe.

After making it a full week of school the very next week we began taking school photos. Ok, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. There are over 800 people on the Faith campus! But we had a lot of fun and I heard over and over again, “YES! I’m so glad it’s you taking our photo!” That makes the job so much more enjoyable. It also helped for better more natural photos. It’s much easier to get somone to smile when they know you.

My computer was tethered to the camera so when we took a photo it was easy to see right away if we needed to take another one. It also allowed us to fire the camera with a mouse click. You can tell we NEVER had too much time on our hands.

You’d think that these people had never had a school photo taken before. “What do I do?!” Huh? You smile and a I take your photo! Not rocket science. And yet, maybe it was.

But it wasn’t JUST the students that had issues…

Some required lamaze…

some couldn’t stop laughing…

many asians did this…

and some… well… uhh… I don’t know…

It was a most enjoyable time taking the photographs. The identification process was a little tedious but I am confident that everyone will have their own name in the yearbook! 🙂

If you’d like to be further entertained you can view the whole album here.

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